Data Science Curriculum Developer (Pathstream)

San Francisco, California, United States


At Pathstream, we are on a mission to create radical impact on career and economic mobility, through high quality and accessible career-focused education. To do so, we are building an online platform which teaches job-critical tech skills, and completely changes the nature of the online learning experience. Whereas most online learning consists of passive video lectures, Pathstream users learn and build career skills within actual software platforms that are authentically used on the job, ensuring they are ready to perform in a real work environment. Throughout the courses, users build a portfolio which demonstrates their skills and ultimately earn a certification from the relevant software platform company, both of which ensure that their efforts translate into actual career mobility.

We are building courses in collaboration with major tech companies, such as Facebook and Unity, that are the creators of the software that is used for work and in our courses. We are additionally establishing partnerships with colleges across the country to ensure these courses and skills are accessible to traditional learners as well as working adults. You can find more on the work we’ve done to date in this TechCrunch article.

We are seeking a Data Science Curriculum Designer who will co-lead the design and creation of Pathstream’s Data Science online instructional content. This position is a full-time position, starting as soon as the candidate is available.

The primary responsibility of the role is to create engaging and informative curriculum which will be delivered online through the Pathstream platform.


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